To develop the branding and communication for a highly diverse organization with over 22 businesses employing over 1300 people of 23 nationalities. The group had just demerged from its parent entity and was to be renamed.


The new entity was a value-driven organization that prided in its legacy and believed in organic, holistic growth. The 7 Cs - credibility, commitment, consistency, creativity, collaboration, customer service, and corporate responsibility, derived from the 7 Chakras of human spirit determined the name 7Cs and its identity.


The 7Cs logo, fashioned using the Golden Ratio, the mathematical rule to creating high-impact, harmonious design has given it a strong, distinctive identity. The slogan ‘Grow on us’ further established it as a brand of solidity and grandness. The elaborate branding exercise and launch of the new logo to the 7Cs team, its internal and external customers was received with gusto.

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