A dynamic brand wanted an identity and communication platform that justified its being.


As a brand Liftek believes in going beyond limitations and expanding its capabilities while providing solutions to its customers. ‘Industrial lifting’ being its primary service; skill, dexterity, efficiency, intelligence and speed are all a natural association for this brand. And though small, the Liftek brand is vibrant in its thinking; resilient and adaptive. The humming bird, as an idea, therefore sums up all that Liftek is. Its people, its philosophy and its little world of ambitions! For a small-sized brand that is aiming to scale great heights, there is perhaps no better metaphor than the humming bird, the only one to fly backwards!


An artistic representation of a humming bird that’s taking off, with RISE ABOVE as its slogan became Liftek´s identity. The ‘bird book’ elaborated upon the corporate identity and usage guidelines. Thus a new branding that captures the spirit, ambition and vitality of the brand was developed.

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