A restaurant serving Malabar cuisine needed to stand out in an already cluttered landscape of eateries.


Salkara was named after ‘Salkaram’, a wedding ritual of the 70s in the Malabar Coast of Kerala, India, whereby an elaborate welcome is extended to the groom’s party while visiting the bride’s home on the day before. The cuisine offered at Salakara is reminiscent of those times and therefore we developed a communication that was true to its being, using an illustration style that was popular at that time in the region. We recreated the era through interior graphics, in store, online and offline messages and all communication happened through storytelling. The chit chats at the local tea shop and train station brought alive the Malabar of 60s and early 80s indoors of Salkara.


The new logo and communication with its strong Malabar flavor which makes a Malayali nostalgic. This has allowed him to form a bond with the brand. Most of them come to Salakara to relive those simple old times with good food and conversation. The visual messages have been so popular that people look forward to every new communication of Salkara and the concept is now sought for franchise.

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