Berger paints has been active in the Middle East as a modern paint manufacturing company for the past 20 years. Berger, not being an early mover in this market faced many challenges to acquire market share vis-à-vis its closest competitors who had early mover advantage. Moreover, Berger Paints has been perceived as a British paint company, which posed further challenges to capture the mindshare of Arabs. The challenge was to connect with local consumers and enter their consideration set.


Color has an effect that goes beyond visuals. It can be experienced through taste, smell, touch and sound. We expanded this thought to capture colours in the world of a person who cannot see. Berger Paints, as a color expert, understands this and treats each shade of color as a feeling, an opinion, an emotion, or an attitude and relates it to Arabia’s beautiful and diverse landscape – from its traditions to its music, culture and monuments. To bring these aspects alive through colours, we created a series of 10 webisodes and based it around a blind girl’s journey across Arabia in search of colours.


Our campaign was launched in November 2016 on Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. The total number of views on YouTube for all released webisodes are 200,000 and counting. Moreover, we saw a rise of more than 65,000 likes on our Facebook page with post engagement numbers seeing a growth of as high as 557% for that period.

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